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A Sweet Treat For A Ricotta Lover

Do you like ricotta? Do you eat ricotta with anything? Do you think ricotta is the best cheese?

If you said yes to all, you might want to try this recipe!

These ricotta pound cake cupcakes with ricotta whipped frosting might be your new favorite! Both the cupcake and the frosting have ricotta in it. This is perfect if you have leftover ricotta at home. If you don't have any leftover, you can always buy one and bake these yummy cupcakes.

The upside of this recipe is that it only makes 4 cupcakes. So, if you're just craving for anything with ricotta and want to bake some cupcakes, here's what you should try! You can enjoy these delicious cupcakes all by yourself!

Source: dessertfortwo.com
A Sweet Treat For A Ricotta Lover
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