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Almond Lovers Will Rejoice Over These Delicious Cupcakes

I'm sure you're familiar with Almond Joy candy bars. Don't you love them? I love snacking on them all the time! They're not the kind of candy bar that is overly sweet. Plus, it has the most perfect layers of goodness. Have you ever imagined turning these delicious chocolates into cupcakes? You're lucky because this recipe will show you how you can exactly make one!

Although this is a recipe from scratch, they are really easy to make! Start with chocolate cupcakes as the base. They are topped with coconut cream cheese frosting and dripping in chocolate ganache. Now, who needs the candy bar when you can have the cupcake?

Like the candy bar, you can fill these cupcakes with a coconut-based center. You will need shredded coconut and condensed milk. Mix these together and fill each cupcake before frosting!

Source: yourcupofcake.com
Almond Lovers Will Rejoice Over These Delicious Cupcakes
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