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Beat The Heat With These Cute Summer Cupcakes

Don't you love the summer season? It's almost everyone's favorite time of the year! If you love spending your summer days by the beach, lake, or even the pool, I'm sure you'll love these cupcakes. Plus, they are a perfect dessert for summer parties!

This recipe will show you how to make inner tuber cupcakes. These are so cute and I'm sure you'll have fun making them. You will need any kind of cupcake, chocolate donuts, vanilla wafers, gumdrops, starburst, serrated knife, and a few different colors of icing.

These cupcakes are actually so easy to make! You just have to follow the recipe really carefully so you can make the design. Also, if you can't find the exact ingredients for these, use any alternatives that you can find.

Source: stoplookingetcookin.com
Beat The Heat With These Cute Summer Cupcakes
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