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Carrot Cupcake Lovers Will Want To Try This Easy Recipe Now

Easter is next week and I'm planning to make carrot cupcakes. I'm not lying when I say I only had a taste of a carrot cake last year. I know. I'm lame! But it's true! I haven't had carrot cakes in the past and when I did, I was blown away! It's like, “where were you all my life?!”. And when I found out carrot cake is an Easter thing, I decided to make some for next week!

These delicious cupcakes are simple and easy. Unlike many other recipes I've seen in the past, this one isn't asking for pineapple, raisins, or any kind of nuts. Even without those, they are delicious! They are moist, soft, and have a good amount of carrot flavor. Of course, they are topped with a cream cheese frosting because it is a must!

Now, let's talk about the frosting! These cupcakes are topped with milk-free cream cheese frosting. Yes! You read it right! This recipe calls for milk-free cream cheese frosting. I thought it was impossible to look for a milk-free cream cheese frosting and it tastes exactly like the real thing. Since this is milk-free, your lactose intolerant friend can definitely eat these cupcakes!

Source: shebakeshere.com
Carrot Cupcake Lovers Will Want To Try This Easy Recipe Now
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