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Celebrate Your Birthday With These Delicious Funfetti Cupcakes

I don't know why, but there's something about funfetti cupcakes that makes people happy. I think it's because of the color and cupcakes, in general, make people happy!

As a kid growing up, I always request for funfetti cakes or cupcakes. These cupcakes make a birthday party lively! And as I grow old and learned to bake, I start to make my own funfetti cupcakes!

Now, you can go the easy way and use a boxed cake mix, but there's something special about homemade cupcakes. These cupcakes are moist and fluffy. When you bite into these, you'll see bits of colors. In my years of baking, I've found that jimmies are the perfect sprinkles to use in making funfetti cupcakes. They don't bleed out when mixed into the batter, but the colors are beautiful once it's baked. Then, they are topped with a simple vanilla frosting and garnish with more sprinkles. These cupcakes are definitely the perfect birthday ever! Since they are minis, they are easy to consume and everyone will definitely have their own mini funfetti cupcakes!

Source: ericasweettooth.com
Celebrate Your Birthday With These Delicious Funfetti Cupcakes
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