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Date Lovers Will Go Crazy Over These Delicious Cupcakes

Dates are very popular in the Middle East. I've never had it before until my dad brought home some from his last trip to the Middle East. I actually don't want to eat it because it's doesn't look appetizing. But I eventually gave in and I liked it! And to my surprise, it almost tastes like raisins! I was so invested with dates that I decided to make date cupcakes!

Anyone who would eat these won't know there are dates in the cupcakes! Well, unless you tell them. These date cupcakes are soft, moist, and a bit crumbly. In every bite, you'll get a hint of what the cupcakes are all about. Then, they are paired with a maple cinnamon buttercream frosting. Finally, garnish with extra caramel sauce, honey, or cinnamon! These cupcakes will make everyone go crazy!

Additionally, if dried dates are available, you can also use these as a garnish. Chopped the dried dates and sprinkle on top.

Source: yourcupofcake.com
Date Lovers Will Go Crazy Over These Delicious Cupcakes
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