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Disney Lovers Will Go Crazy Over These Adorable Cupcakes

When we talk about Disney, which character comes to your mind first? I am sure Mickey Mouse will be your answer because he is such an icon! Everybody loves him. So, if you love Mickey, stay tuned!

Easy Mickey cupcakes for your Mickey lover friends! These cupcakes are made with a simple vanilla cake boxed mix. Once baked, go ahead and make the cutest Mickey design! You will need frosting, crushed Oreos and small Oreos. The Oreos must be finely crushed, otherwise, it won't look good in the cupcake. If crushed Oreos are a thing in your country, go ahead and use that. But if not, crush whole Oreo cookies in a food processor. Remember: finely crushed. For the ears, you can use mini Oreos, but they are too small, so this recipe uses regular Oreos then cut the middle part using a cookie cutter.

These cupcakes are perfect for a Disney themed birthday party or even an ordinary day!

Source: ericasweettooth.com
Disney Lovers Will Go Crazy Over These Adorable Cupcakes
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