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Fall Lovers Will Want These Apple Butter Cupcakes Now

Warning: these cupcakes are screaming fall!!!!

These delicious cupcakes have the classic fall flavors that we all love: apple, cinnamon, caramel. What more can you ask for? These cupcakes are going to be your favorite fall dessert from now on!

Are you ready for these cupcakes? It starts with moist and soft cinnamon apple butter cupcakes. They are perfectly flavored with cinnamon and cinnamon apple butter. Then, they are made even better with a smooth and creamy caramel cream cheese frosting. Finally, garnish with caramel squares and you're good to go! These delicious cupcakes might be the star of your Thanksgiving dinner!

If you are not familiar with cinnamon apple butter, it's basically thick applesauce. They are not only perfect for this dessert, but they would make a delicious spread for toast, English muffin, bagel, or maybe even a muffin or pancake! You can even eat it with a spoon!

Source: bakedbyrachel.com
Fall Lovers Will Want These Apple Butter Cupcakes Now
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