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Have A Fun Birthday With These Delicious Cupcakes

I love making my own birthday cakes. It's like my way of saying, “let me make something I really like for my birthday!” So, on my birthday every year, I make a cake that I really want to eat. If you're planning on doing the same on your special day, I suggest reading this recipe and giving it a try!

These birthday cupcakes are going to be your favorite! Start with an easy yellow cake mix. Add in melted butter, sour cream, buttermilk, and vanilla extract. Both the sour cream and buttermilk are added to make the cupcakes super moist and tender, making a cake mix extraordinary. Then, they are made even better with a creamy and delicious chocolate frosting. Finally, top with colorful sprinkles! You can also top these cupcakes however you like.

Source: yourcupofcake.com
Have A Fun Birthday With These Delicious Cupcakes
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