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Here’s How You Can Make Your Cupcakes A Fun Dessert

Decorating with fondant might be the simplest but the most difficult design anyone can make. Adding a fondant topper to your cakes and cupcakes will make them really beautiful, but they aren't easy to make. Fondant toppers take a lot of time to make. From making the fondant, turning them into different shapes, and even letting them dry so they'll be ready to use. You're lucky because this post will teach you how to make fondant pinwheel toppers.

You will need cupcakes of your choice, buttercream icing, marshmallow fondant, sprinkles, square cutter, knife, wax paper, rolling pin, paintbrush, corny syrup or water. This recipe will show 11 easy steps to make the fondant pinwheel toppers. As long as you follow the procedure, you'll be able to make your own toppers in no time.

These fondant pinwheel toppers are perfect for any occasions like 4th of July or birthday parties. If you're making these for a specific occasion, make sure to color code the fondant to your theme.

Source: cakewhiz.com
Here’s How You Can Make Your Cupcakes A Fun Dessert
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