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Here’s What You Can Do To Leftover Halloween Candies

If you have a kid, I'm sure you have lots of candies from Halloween's trick or treat. Well, here's a great idea for you: instead of eating all these candies, enjoy these candies in another way with this easy recipe.

Give these cupcakes away to friends and families, and I'm sure they'll love you so much! Start with any cupcake flavor as the base. Then, top them with your favorite frosting. Finally, decorate cupcakes with the Halloween candies that you have, like M&Ms, candy necklaces, gummy bears, malted milk balls, the list goes on! These cupcakes are definitely going to be a hit!

Additionally, try what I would do: before baking, add in some of the Halloween candies into the batter. Say for example the M&Ms, add in some of these into the chocolate cupcakes, then you'll have bits and pieces of these candies in every bite of the cupcakes!

Source: leitesculinaria.com
Here’s What You Can Do To Leftover Halloween Candies
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