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Here’s What You Should Make For A Disney Princess Party

My favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I love her yellow ball gown, I love that she loves books so much and that she would be happy being stuck in the library! I remember dressing up as Belle at one of my friend's birthday party. I love this party so much because everybody dresses up as their favorite Disney character!

Now you might think that an adult like me who still loves Disney is a bit weird, right? I still go crazy whenever there's a new Disney film coming out and I absolutely love going to Disneyland. Now, my little cousin is celebrating her 7th birthday soon and I'm thinking of baking these adorable Disney princess cupcakes for her party!

These cupcakes are all about the decoration, so you can use any cupcake you'd like. Then, make some toppers using the print out Disney princess and lollipop sticks. Once you've made the toppers, stick them into the cupcakes and it's time to decorate! For the frosting, you need to use a large petal tip like the Wilton #127. This frosting technique might be a bit tricky, so make sure to practice on a parchment paper first. Once you've mastered the technique, go ahead and frost each cupcake! Finally, finish off each cupcake with glitter dust!

Additionally, when coloring the frosting, make sure to use food gel instead of liquid food coloring so the frosting won't thin out.

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Here’s What You Should Make For A Disney Princess Party
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