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How Make These Adorable Sprinkle-Filled Cupcakes?

I love how Valentine's Day is all about all things cute, pink and red, and of course, sweets. Although not having a boyfriend right now, I still don't forget to make sweets for friends and family for the season of love. And this one right here is one of my favorite cupcakes to make!

These sprinkle-filled vanilla cupcakes are going to make everyone go wow! Start off with vanilla cupcakes as the base. You can use other cupcake flavors as well, but I feel like vanilla or a white cake will bring out the color of the sprinkles you're going to use. They are moist, soft, and tender. Each cupcake is filled with a variety of pink, red, and white sprinkles that all look pretty once you take a bite into it. Finally, they are topped with a simple vanilla frosting and more sprinkles for garnish!

Since sprinkles tend to bleed out in time, make sure to add the sprinkles only when ready to serve. And don't forget to let the cupcakes cool before filling them with sprinkles.

Source: bakingbites.com
How Make These Adorable Sprinkle-Filled Cupcakes?
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