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How To Bake The Perfect Cupcakes?

We all have our failed stories when we started baking cupcakes. I have a lot, actually. When I first started baking, I'm not sure of what I'm doing! I remember when my first batch of cupcakes came out, they were uneven! Then, I remember a time when all my cupcakes sank! I was really upset because I totally wasted a batch of ingredients! But, as I got used to baking, I've learned different ways to prevent this from happening. I've learned different techniques to make the perfect cupcakes, and I would be glad to share them with you! Here are a few of them.

Follow the recipe! This is so important! Whatever the recipe says, be it a recipe from scratch or a cake mix, follow exactly what it says! If it asked for a specific amount of ingredient, do it! Because once you put too much or less of the needed ingredient, that's when it will start to go wrong. Also, if the recipe asked you to mix a certain ingredient at a certain time, follow it! Remember not to overmix your batter because it will not make the cupcakes really soft and moist.

The ingredients must all be at room temperature. Like the butter, if the recipe asks for softened butter, it has to be out of the refrigerator and softened. Place the butter at the warmest spot of your kitchen. Remember that melted and soften butter are different. So, if the recipe asks for softened butter, it has to be softened, and vice versa. One easy tip I can give you if you forgot to soften the butter at room temperature is that you can cut the butter into cubes or use a cheese grater and grate the butter!

Preheat the oven! This is very important information because you want your oven to be warm enough to bake your cupcakes and not warn them up while the cupcakes are in the oven. You will have underbaked cupcakes after this! Also, the most recommended temperature for your oven is at 170C or 338F.

Don't overfill the liners! Over the years, I learned that the most recommend filling the batter about 2/3 full. Also, to have even batter among the liners, I recommend using an ice cream scoop for thicker batters and a measuring cup with a spout for thinner batters. This works perfectly every time!

Avoid overbaked or underbaked cupcakes! It is important to check the cupcakes at the minimum baking times. You can check if the cupcakes are ready in two ways: gently press the top with your finger and if it springs back, they're ready or check using a toothpick, if the toothpick comes out clean with no wet batter on it, they're ready.

It is important to cool the cupcakes on a wire cooling rack, not in the cupcake pan. Also, remember to not frost warm cupcakes because the frosting will melt. Cupcake must be cool completely before frosting.

Baking takes a lot of practice really. You don't have to be a pro if you've just started. No one is an expert in baking, but you can do different ways or techniques so you can be good at it.

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How To Bake The Perfect Cupcakes?
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