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How To Glam Up The Classic Vanilla Cupcake?

Everybody loves a vanilla cupcake. It's the most classic flavor and if you love baking, you know it's really easy to make a batch of these. But, did you know that you can glam up a vanilla cupcake in the easiest possible way? Turn them into lemon cupcakes with blueberry frosting!

Start with a vanilla cupcake as the base, then add some lemon zest and lemon extract in the cake batter to give it an intense lemony flavor. These cupcakes are made even better with a delicious blueberry frosting. The purple color of the frosting is all natural and comes from the blueberry puree. Finally, top these cupcakes with a single fresh blueberry and you've got yourself a delicious cupcake for dinner!

Source: tideandthyme.com
How To Glam Up The Classic Vanilla Cupcake?
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