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How To Level Up Chocolate Cupcakes?

Chocolate cupcakes are a classic and there are plenty of easy recipes online. It's actually my go-to recipe every single time I crave for cupcakes. They're super easy and delicious. But, have you tried adding mascarpone cheese in chocolate cupcakes?

Mascarpone cheese is not a usual ingredient for chocolate cupcakes since their flavors contrast each other. Mascarpone cheese is milky and slightly sweet, sometimes with a tangy finish. So, will it work for chocolate cupcakes? Yes, in this recipe at least!

These chocolate cupcakes are moist, fluffy, and delicately crumbed because of the mascarpone. Then, they are topped with a delicious cream cheese mascarpone cream frosting. Finish off with chocolate shavings for garnish!

Honestly, I didn't expect mascarpone cheese to be a good addition to chocolate cupcakes. It's a new kind of recipe, so if you're always up for something new, give this recipe a try!

Source: tramplingrose.com
How To Level Up Chocolate Cupcakes?
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