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How To Make Adorable And Cute Candy Toppers?

I'm not much of a cupcake decorator. But when I do need to decorate, I always go for the easiest way to make cupcakes look pretty: add a cupcake topper!

Using a candy mold and candy wafers are my favorite way to make cupcake toppers! They're easy to make, and they definitely come out nice! You can use different colors of candy wafers for this, but of course, you can use one color as well to make things easier. Once the shapes set, you can dip a toothpick in more melted candy wafers and attach it to the back of each candy shape and let dry. Then, you'll have a cupcake topper ready for your next baking session! These candies can be made ahead of time! Isn't that convenient?

You can bake any cupcakes you'd like, but I personally think using vanilla frosting can help the colorful candies stand out more!

Source: bakerella.com
How To Make Adorable And Cute Candy Toppers?
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