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How To Make Angry Birds Cupcakes?

Can you still remember when Angry Birds was hyped back then? I remember every single person I know plays that game. Well, I played it too, but I was never hooked on it! I saw my little cousin the other day who still plays Angry Birds. Then, a recipe came into my mind and told her I could make her delicious Angry Birds cupcakes. She was excited!

This recipe is all about decorating techniques. First, start off with a cupcake of your choice. Then, top it off with a buttercream frosting colored with green food coloring. Once frosted, you can top it off with your favorite Angry Birds character.

The topper could be done beforehand. The entire round shape was made of a donut that is covered with red and green candy melts. Once the candy melt sets, you can continue with decorating. Most of the decorations are composed of candies like Laffy Taffy, Air Head, and M&M. You will also need a bit of frosting and sugar eyes.

Of course, the ingredients that are listed are what is available. If you have any other alternatives, you can use that instead as long as it works for you. For example, aside from using donuts, you can use a cake ball or a cake pop.

Source: confessionsofacookbookqueen.com
How To Make Angry Birds Cupcakes?
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