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How To Make Banana Cupcakes With A Twist?

Banana cupcakes are a classic and delicious dessert. They're delicious, even without frosting. But these days, people find so many ways to make a dessert even better. With banana cupcakes, there's still a way to make it more delicious: banana split cupcakes!

I'm sure you love banana split because I do! I can still remember sharing these with my sisters every time we made one at home. This is why this recipe brought nostalgia to me!

Start with banana cupcakes as the base. If you're used to baking banana cupcakes, you know well that you can only use ripe bananas for this. So, make sure to have really ripe bananas. These cupcakes are moist, dense, and really sweet. These cupcakes have a surprise inside that you'll surely love! Then, they are topped with a sweet frosting and garnished with chocolate drizzle and a maraschino cherry! These cupcakes are a treat that you deserve!

Source: alidaskitchen.com
How To Make Banana Cupcakes With A Twist?
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