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How To Make Delicious Apple Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes?

Some may say that dessert for breakfast is unacceptable. Well, not in this dessert. They look like cupcakes, but they're technically cinnamon rolls. So from now on, you will never feel guilty having a cupcake for breakfast!

These apple cinnamon roll cupcakes are easy to put together if you're familiar with making cinnamon rolls. They are soft, fluffy, and absolutely delicious. They are then filled with a sweet cinnamon apple and finished off with a classic glaze. In my opinion, they are definitely a breakfast food, but you can have them any time of the day! You can bake them ahead of time and heat them in the microwave if you want one.

Of course, you can omit the cupcake liner and bake them in a heavily sprayed cupcake pan instead!

Source: whatmegansmaking.com
How To Make Delicious Apple Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes?
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