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How To Make Delicious Cotton Candy Cupcakes?

As a kid, I am obsessed with cotton candy. We always used to go to state fairs, and this is the first thing I asked my mom. Cotton candy grew on me, which is why making these delicious cupcakes felt a little nostalgic!

These cotton candy cupcakes are to die for! Not only that they're cute and pretty looking, but they're absolutely delicious! Using a cake mix, go ahead and start making vanilla cupcakes as the base. I guarantee you, these cupcakes are soft, moist, and flavorful. For this recipe, it uses the colors pink and blue, but you can use whatever color you'd like. Then, each cupcake is topped with a fluffy buttercream frosting and garnished with cotton candy crunch topping! Now, these cupcakes are perfect for your next parties or whenever you crave for a cotton candy treat!

Source: confessionsofacookbookqueen.com
How To Make Delicious Cotton Candy Cupcakes?
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