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How To Make Funfetti Cupcakes For Two?

Do you ever just crave for funfetti cupcakes? That's me! There are days when I just want to bake a funfetti cupcake, but I can't because there will be a lot of leftovers! Since I live alone, I can't waste a dozen cupcakes just so I can satisfy my cravings. Luckily, there's a thing now called “small batch recipes”, and I have found this funfetti cupcake recipe!

Since this recipe will make two cupcakes, there is nothing to waste! These are moist, soft, and a bit crumbly vanilla funfetti cupcakes that are made even better with a buttercream frosting decorated with lots of rainbow sprinkles. Actually, you can use any kind and shape of rainbow sprinkles. In my opinion, assorted rainbow sprinkles are so perfect for this! Just make sure to use the kind that does not bleed out so the color won't splatter in the batter.

Source: completelydelicious.com
How To Make Funfetti Cupcakes For Two?
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