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How To Make Grain-Free Chocolate Cupcakes?

All these years that I've been baking, I thought that a grain-free, gluten-free dessert would be a challenge to make. Well, not until I came across this recipe, which I thought is the best grain-free dessert recipe I have ever tried.

These cupcakes are so delicious, no one can even tell they're grain-free! All that you want in a cupcake is in this dessert: springy cake texture, moist, tender, and with a rich chocolate flavor. They are then topped with a sweet vegan icing that is so perfect for the Halloween! They are also perfect at any time of the year! I'm not kidding when I say these might be the best grain-free chocolate cupcakes ever, so give it a try!

Source: simplyquinoa.com
How To Make Grain-Free Chocolate Cupcakes?
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