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How To Make Hostess Cupcakes?

Hostess CupCake is a classic snack cake. The cream filled chocolate cupcake is always my favorite. If you love this as well, I'm sure you'd want to re-create this at home!

These hostess cupcakes are so delicious! Start with chocolate cupcakes as the base. This is easy because it uses a boxed cake mix, but to make it extra special and more delicious, add in oil, buttermilk, and sour cream. These three ingredients will also make the cupcakes super moist and no one can even tell that they're made from a cake mix! Of course, a hostess cupcake will never be complete without a cream filling, so make sure to fill them with that. They are made even better a chocolate glaze and drizzle of melted white chocolate for the classic Hostess CupCake design. You can also do this like the signature line of white squiggles on top of each Hostess CupCake.

Source: yourcupofcake.com
How To Make Hostess Cupcakes?
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