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How To Make “Melting” Snowman Gingerbread Cupcakes?

When you heard of snowman and gingerbread, I'm sure you think of Christmas. Well, if you're feeling the Christmas spirit early, I'm sure you'll want to make these cupcakes now!

These cupcakes are all about the decoration, so make sure to unleash your decorating skills. Using a yellow cake mix, go ahead and make gingerbread cupcakes. Although made with a cake mix, these cupcakes are moist, soft, and flavorful. They are perfectly spiced with ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Once baked, go ahead and decorate!

The “melting” part of the snowman is made with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. For the snowman's head, coat some donut holes with melted white chocolate and add its facial features like the eyes and nose. Continue decorating the cupcakes to complete the snowman look. I'm sure everyone will go crazy over these adorable cupcakes!

Source: ericasweettooth.com
How To Make “Melting” Snowman Gingerbread Cupcakes?
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