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How To Make Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecakes?

I'm a sucker for cute little desserts. Those bite-sized desserts you see at a party are my favorites! I love how there are a variety of desserts, and even if you eat a lot, they aren't actually a lot because they're bite-sized. One of my favorites are these mini carrot cheesecakes! I love to make them, especially during Easter!

These bite-sized cheesecakes are made of three layers of goodness: a delicious crust made of graham crackers and toasted pecans for crunch, a smooth and creamy carrot cheesecake base, and finally a tangy cream cheese icing to complete the dessert! You can also top these with marzipan carrots for garnish!

Aside from cream cheese icing, you can also top them with whipped cream!

Source: recipegirl.com
How To Make Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecakes?
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