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How To Make Ruffled Frosting For Fourth Of July Cupcakes?

To be honest, the only piping tip I use is the star tip. The easiest one, next to the round tip. Of course, I've tried other piping tips, but I find them so hard to use! Not that piping frosting is the hardest part of baking, but it's just not my favorite. Especially when using the petal tip.

In case you didn't know, the petal tip makes the ruffled frosting that you can always see in cakes. I've tried using this once, but I really gave up! Then I realized that ruffled frosting takes a lot of time and patience just to finally make one!

So if you're interested in making your very own ruffled frosting, here's a simple and easy tutorial for you. I said simple and easy because this is the tutorial that really helped me overcome my fear of ruffled frosting!

In this recipe, it will show you how to make ruffled frosting in three colors! Red, white, and blue! Perfect for Fourth of July! Of course, you can use this with any colors that you want.

I know that at first, it might be hard for you. But, practice makes perfect! So, keep on practicing! My tip when practicing piping frosting is to use parchment paper and practice there. This is convenient because you won't waste any frosting or cupcakes!

Source: bakerella.com
How To Make Ruffled Frosting For Fourth Of July Cupcakes?
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