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How To Make Shamrock Cut-Out Cupcakes?

Aren't these shamrock cupcakes the best you'll see this St. Patrick's Day? You can finally make these at home and I'm sure everybody will love it!

Start with baking chocolate cupcakes as the base. Of course, you can see your preferred flavor, but if you can't think of any flavor, just bake chocolate cupcakes. Now, baking these cupcakes might be a little different since you want the cupcakes to have a bit of a dome because you will cut the top part. When you successfully cut the top part, get a shamrock cookie cutter and cut out the shamrock shape from the cupcake tops. Then, add in a layer of frosting onto the center of the now topless cupcakes. Once done, place the cut-out cupcake top and press down and you're ready to serve! Additionally, if you'd like, before adding the cupcake top, sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

Source: glorioustreats.com
How To Make Shamrock Cut-Out Cupcakes?
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