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How To Make S’mores A More Delicious Summer Treat?

Who doesn't love s'mores? No one! How could you say no to a delicious campfire treat? S'mores are perfect for any time! This treat is filled with all levels of sweetness, from the pieces of graham cracker, chocolate to the roasted marshmallow!

Did you know that you can make a delicious s'mores inspired cupcake? Using a chocolate cake mix, you can make peanut butter s'mores cupcakes! Then, dip these cupcakes into the peanut butter chocolate ganache. They are topped with a peanut butter graham cracker frosting, melted chocolate and graham cracker pieces. Finally, add a toasted marshmallow on top to complete the dessert! These cupcakes are packed with summertime goodness!

If you would like more of the graham cracker flavor, add a graham cracker crust for each cupcake! You need crushed graham crackers, melted butter, and sugar. Scoop a tablespoon of the mixture into each cupcake liner, and make sure to level them down. Then, add the cupcake batter and bake them!

Source: yourcupofcake.com
How To Make S’mores A More Delicious Summer Treat?
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