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How To Make The Cutest Octopus Cupcakes?

Growing up, themed parties are not that popular. All the kids my age have regular parties held at our own houses with just regular decorations and the usual food you see at parties. But these days, most parties are all about the themes and I must say, it's fun to plan a themed party!

If you're planning an under the sea party, these cupcakes are for you! They're easy to make and fun to decorate!

These cupcakes start with vanilla cupcakes as the base. Actually, you can use any flavor for the cupcake base as well. While the cupcakes are baking, go ahead and make the octopus heads. You'll need an orange candy melts, marshmallows, and candy eyes. You'll then coat the marshmallows with the candy melts, let it set, and attach the candy eyes. Once you have done the octopus head, proceed with assembling the entire cupcake.

Use blue buttercream frosting to top the cupcakes and this will act as the ocean waves. Then, using an orange buttercream frosting, pipe four strands on each side of the cupcake making it look like the octopus' legs. Finally, add the octopus head and you're done decorating! These cute cupcakes will definitely be a hit at your next party!

Source: thefirstyearblog.com
How To Make The Cutest Octopus Cupcakes?
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