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How To Make The Most Adorable Gender Reveal Cupcakes?

Gender reveal parties are a thing these days. It's a fun way to reveal the gender of a coming baby! I have a friend who's doing a gender reveal party and asked me to bake her gender reveal cupcakes. I've been dying to make one, and I was so happy that I finally have the chance! Plus, I used a super easy recipe that you can also do on your own!

This recipe uses a cake mix! Although made with a cake mix, the cupcakes are soft and moist. Just like any other gender reveal cupcakes, the cupcakes are filled with a specific color relating to the gender of the baby. Usually, it's pink and blue, but you can use any color that you want. Once filled, top each cupcake with a simple vanilla frosting and decorate with any toppers that you like. But for gender reveal cupcakes, I suggest decorating them with pink and blue candies.

Of course, this recipe isn't solely for gender reveal parties only. You can use them for any occasions by simply changing the color of the filling. For example, if it's for St. Patrick's Day, you can use green food color. When it comes to food color, I suggest using color food gel so it won't thin out the frosting.

Source: easybaked.net
How To Make The Most Adorable Gender Reveal Cupcakes?
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