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How To Make The Perfect Yellow Cupcakes?

Oftentimes, when you think of yellow cake or cupcakes, you always go for the boxed cake mix. Little that people know, there are plenty of homemade recipes for a simple dessert like yellow cupcakes. You're lucky because I'm about to share the best one of them all with you!

Yellow cake or cupcakes are often a treat at a birthday party, so make sure to bake these delicious cupcakes for your next party! These cupcakes are moist, dense and come with perfect crumb! In my opinion, yellow cakes have their signature crumb that people crave for! Also, any kind of frosting would go perfect for this, but if you want to stay on the classic side, top each cupcake with a delicious chocolate frosting. Finally, decorate them however you like! You can add sprinkles on top, your topper of choice, or simply leave them as it is!

Source: americanheritagecooking.com
How To Make The Perfect Yellow Cupcakes?
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