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How To Make These Cute Big Boy Cupcakes?

Any kind of moving up must be celebrated. Be it graduation, or even a kids' transition from baby diapers to potty training. That's a big change, right? Both for the parents and the kids. So, if you know someone who's moving up to potty training, it's time to make these “I am a big boy” cupcakes just for them!

These cupcakes are easy to make. Start off with any cupcake base that you like. As for the decoration, you can use vanilla buttercream frosting or fondant. Either of the two will work for this, and for the final touch, top with a fondant shaped like undies! Ain't that cute? I'm sure your big boy will love these cupcakes!

Additionally, these cupcakes don't have to be decorated with undies. If you have any occasions that call for a cupcake, you can decorate them however you like!

Source: theculinarychronicles.com
How To Make These Cute Big Boy Cupcakes?
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