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How To Make These Delicious Solar System Chocolate Cupcakes?

I'm sure as a kid, we all loved the solar system. To me, it is fascinating that there are other planets in the solar system that we know nothing much about. And I've always wondered, could we live in these planets as well?

Well, my cousin, who is 8 years old, is very much interested in the solar system. She reads books and articles about it. She even watches lots of documentaries about the solar system. I can say that she's very passionate about it and I can see her working someday at NASA.

And to make her even happier, I made these adorable solar system chocolate cupcakes! These cupcakes are super easy to make! Start with chocolate buttermilk cupcakes as the base. Of course, you can use other cupcake flavors, but I feel like chocolate cupcakes will help the frosting stand out. Then, they are topped with a classic buttercream frosting. You can add some color to the frosting, just like in this recipe, which is the color blue. In my opinion, you should color the frosting with the same color of the planet they are assigned to. Sure this will take a while to make, but it will represent the planets more. Finally, top with the planet toppers.

When serving, I recommend adding some glow in the dark stars on the table for more effect!

Source: goodlifeeats.com
How To Make These Delicious Solar System Chocolate Cupcakes?
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