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How To Turn Your Favorite Frozen Treat Into A Delicious Cupcake?

What's your favorite summer treat as a kid? Orange Creamsicle is a classic summer treat that everyone loves. No one can say no to these delicious frozen treats and I'm sure you can't resist to these delicious orange Creamsicle cupcakes.

Yes, orange Creamsicle cupcake is now a thing! These cupcakes use an orange cake mix. They are moist and flavorful, even without adding extra orange flavor to it. Once each cupcake is filled with a vanilla buttercream, here comes the fun part.

Make a cup with melted white chocolate. Then, place this above the cupcake and pipe frosting dots all the way around the edge of the cup. Place a scoop of ice cream into the center and top with cool whip and sprinkles if desired. Now, you have a very delicious orange Creamsicle cupcake!

Since there'll be ice cream on top of each cupcake, they will melt if prepared before serving time. So, here's what you can do: you can prepare the entire cupcake beforehand and keep them frozen until serving or stop at the part where you add the white chocolate cup and add a scoop of ice cream when ready to serve. But in my opinion, it's best to keep the cupcakes at room temperature and add the ice cream just before serving!

Source: easybaked.net
How To Turn Your Favorite Frozen Treat Into A Delicious Cupcake?
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