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Kids Will Go Crazy Over These Monster Cupcakes

Aren't kids your best fans when it comes to baking? Kids never say no to sweet treats, especially when they are super cute! This is why here's a cute cupcake for you to try.

These monster cupcakes are so easy to make! Using your favorite batch of cupcakes, buttercream frosting, candy melts, M&Ms, and cotton candy, decorate these cupcakes just like a monster. These cupcakes are all about the decoration so you really have to be creative.

One thing about the cotton candy: a fresh cotton candy is easier to deal with, but you can use those that are packed and jarred, but they might take some time to form. Also, remember that cotton candy only stays pretty for so long, so make sure to serve or eat them immediately!

Source: thenovicechefblog.com
Kids Will Go Crazy Over These Monster Cupcakes
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