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Kids Will Go Crazy Over These Nerf Cupcakes

I was looking through easy recipes online and came across one specific recipe that reminded me of my little cousins. My cousins are crazy about playing with Nerf. They would play all afternoon, and boy, that dart does hurt! Luckily, my cousin is celebrating his 7th birthday next week and thought I would make these for him. So, I practiced with the decorating first!

For these Nerf party cupcakes, you can use any cupcakes as the base. It doesn't matter because what matters the most is the design of the cupcakes. They are then topped with buttercream frosting with the colors orange and yellow, which are the colors of Nerf. You see, you can use any designs that are related to Nerf. As for this one, the cupcakes are topped with a target that is made with a coconut cookie and covered with candy melts. Ain't that cute? Once done, top these on to the cupcakes.

Another design you can do is darts. These are made with Pirouette cookies and melted chocolate.

These adorable cupcakes will make any kid super happy!

Source: confessionsofacookbookqueen.com
Kids Will Go Crazy Over These Nerf Cupcakes
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