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Kids Will Have Fun Decorating These Easter Cupcakes

Isn't Easter that one occasion when we get to decorate sweet treats and turn them into the cutest desserts ever? And if you're hosting an Easter party with friends and family, here's something to try.

In this recipe, use a cupcake flavor of your choice. Then, you'll need a white frosting as the bunny's head. Finally, make the bunny ears to make this dessert even cuter. Using a marshmallow, cut this diagonally and then immediately press the sticky side into pink sprinkles. To complete the Easter bunny cupcakes, top these ears on top of each cupcake.

Also, you can have kids decorate these cupcakes as they are super easy! Just make sure to guide them while making these because they have to deal with scissors.

Source: yourcupofcake.com
Kids Will Have Fun Decorating These Easter Cupcakes
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