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Make Christmas A Fun Holiday With These Delicious Cupcakes

Christmas is such a fun holiday! We all love tasty meals and sweet desserts. Well, if you're looking for the perfect Christmas treat, these cupcakes are it.

Start with a cupcake of your choice You can bake any flavor you'd like as long as you do the cupcake decorations right! For the Christmas tree, you will need buttercream frosting, green gel food coloring, Christmas candy sprinkles. Also, one important tool you need for these cupcakes are the piping tips. It is a must to use a leaf piping tip, otherwise, you won't be able to make the tree.

This recipe specifically pointed out to use a Wilton #69 leaf tip. But if you can't find this specific type, use a #67 and a #352. When using a Wilton #352 leaf tip, make sure to position the V-shaped opening to the side. These leaf piping tips are easy to use. Just remember to be careful when piping and not to put too much pressure because the frosting might go all over the place.

Source: eclecticrecipes.com
Make Christmas A Fun Holiday With These Delicious Cupcakes
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