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Nothing Beats This Classic Summer Treat. Find Out How

I'm sure none of us here would let summer pass without s'mores. S'mores are a classic summer treat and in my opinion, this makes summer even better. We usually have s'mores during a summer night, campfire, or whenever we wanted to spend the night out in our backyards. Well, let me show you a different way to enjoy the classic s'mores.

These delicious s'mores cupcakes are to die for! They are so perfect for summer parties or whenever you feel like making s'mores! Start with moist and chocolate cupcakes as the base. They are then topped with a whipped chocolate buttercream frosting, crushed graham crackers, a toasted marshmallow and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. These delicious cupcakes will be gone in seconds!

There is another way that I enjoy making these cupcakes: a graham cracker crust! Instead of topping these with crushed graham crackers, I would bake these cupcakes on top of a graham cracker crust. To do this, you will need crushed graham crackers, sugar, and melted butter. Mix all the ingredients together until you reach a consistency of wet sand. Once mixed, scoop a tablespoon of the mixture in the liner and pat them down to create a crust. Then, scoop in the batter and bake! You will now have a layer of crust in each cupcake!

As to toasting the marshmallows, you have two options: broil them in the oven until charred and starting to melt or simply use a kitchen blowtorch.

Source: aclassictwist.com
Nothing Beats This Classic Summer Treat. Find Out How
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