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Nothing Can Beat These Very Vanilla Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes are a classic. They are simple, yet so classy. I love all kinds of vanilla: cakes, cupcakes, and even ice cream. I would choose vanilla over anything else. Do you know someone who's like that? Well, if you do, you should make these delicious cupcakes for them!

Vanilla extract makes cupcakes flavorful, but what if you use vanilla bean? These very vanilla cupcakes are soft, light, and delicious. They are not only flavored with vanilla extract, but also with vanilla bean. In my opinion, vanilla bean has the strongest vanilla flavors of all. Vanilla bean pods are a bit expensive, but they are worth investing in. If you don't like to use them on a regular basis, you can use them on your fancy baking sessions. Just like these vanilla bean cupcakes!

Then, these cupcakes are paired with a tangy and sweet vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. I love this frosting because you can even see the seeds of the vanilla bean! That for me means that the frosting is very vanilla!

Source: goodlifeeats.com
Nothing Can Beat These Very Vanilla Cupcakes
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