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One Easy Way To Decorate Graduation Cupcakes

I love baking, but I am not a good dessert decorator. I only do the simple ones, like using different icing tips or topping them with colorful sprinkles. Honestly, that's the best that I could do. Being said that, I'm not a fan of using fondant as cupcake toppers. But on second thought, fondant toppers are actually great! So if you know someone graduating today, you will want to read this recipe now.

For this recipe, you can use your favorite cupcake flavor since the star of this dessert is the fondant graduation cap! To make the graduation cap, you will need fondant, food color, and some tools needed to make the topper. You're lucky because this recipe is going to be your one-stop shop for fondant making! So, if you don't know anything about fondant making, you will want to keep this recipe in your life forever!

Additionally, if you can't make your own fondant, you can always get yourself a ready-made fondant! There is a ton of fondants available in any bakery supplies shop. Plus, they come in color white when you buy them, so it's easier for you to color it in any way you want!

Source: glorioustreats.com
One Easy Way To Decorate Graduation Cupcakes
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