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One Easy Way To Decorate Your Cupcakes With Fondant

Fondant is not easy to work with, especially if you're a first-timer! I can still remember the day I made my first fondant decoration. I never really liked the taste of fondant, I feel like they're overly sweet. But when I needed to decorate my cupcakes and the only way to do that is the fondant toppers, I finally gave it a try. I first made a fondant topper with fondant and cookie cutters. This is a really easy method because you only have to roll the fondant and cut it out whatever shape you want. But, I've never done a 3D fondant topper.

Luckily, there are recipes online that can make our life easier when making fondant. Working with fondant, think of it as playing with clay: make your own shapes, cut it out however you want, and when you made a mistake, repeat it again until you make your pretty shape! It's not as hard as it looks, but once you've created a beautiful cupcake topper, you know it's worth making it!

Source: bakerella.com
One Easy Way To Decorate Your Cupcakes With Fondant
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