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One Easy Way To Decorate Your Summer Cupcakes

My little cousins always ask me to bake them cupcakes for the summer. And whenever I do, they always get to watch me do the baking. Then I realized it will be even more fun if I have them decorate their own cupcakes!

Since this will be a decorating recipe, you can bake any cupcake that you'd like. Then, top these cupcakes with your favorite frosting as well. I would prefer to not color the frosting and keep them plain in color because you'll be topping them with some cute candies! This recipe features flip-flops and popsicles as the decoration, but you can choose whatever you like. I feel like these two are the perfect summer items that we need!

Source: stoplookingetcookin.com
One Easy Way To Decorate Your Summer Cupcakes
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