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One Easy Way To Make Banana Cupcakes Even More Delicious

Banana cupcakes are a staple dessert for almost everyone. It's delicious with or without frosting. Obviously, they are even more delicious with a frosting. So, how would you like a chocolate cream cheese swirl frosting?

These cupcakes use a yellow or white cake mix. Then, to add flavor, you need to add two ripe bananas. Now, let's talk about the bananas. The bananas that you need for these are super ripe but not to the point that they are rotten. If they are super ripe, that's when the sweetness kicks in. These super ripe bananas will make your cupcakes flavorful and sweet. Then, these cupcakes are topped with a chocolate cream cheese swirl frosting. I mean, if you can't decide which frosting you want, you can always use both! Finally, top with sanding sugar and fresh banana slices.

Additionally, if you choose to top each cupcake with a fresh banana slice, add them only when you're ready to serve. If you add the banana slices hours before you serve them, they will turn brown. This tends to happen for peeled bananas. So, if you want to prepare your cupcakes hours before serving, top them with dried bananas instead.

Source: yourcupofcake.com
One Easy Way To Make Banana Cupcakes Even More Delicious
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