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One Easy Way To Make Homemade Fondant

I was never a fan of fondant until I got my hands on them last week. I use fondant for the first time and loved it! I know fondant can be complicated and hard to make, but luckily I found this recipe for marshmallow fondant! It's easy to make and lasts up to two weeks!

If you're new to fondant making, it helps to read a lot of recipes and watch tutorials about it. There are different kinds of fondant, and the easiest one is marshmallow fondant. I love making this fondant because it can be easily shaped into different sizes and cut into different shapes. You can also easily color them using a food gel. I recommend using food gel instead of food color to keep the consistency of the fondant. Fondants are great toppers on cake and cupcakes. You can also eat them right away since it's made of marshmallow!

The tools you need when shaping fondant are non-stick board, rolling pin, cookie cutters, and cornstarch. Why cornstarch when you can use powdered sugar? My answer to this is that powdered sugar is a bit grainy and obviously, sweet. You will need a dry ingredient to keep the fondant from sticking to the surface, so you will need a lot of it. But if you will use powdered sugar, your fondant will be so sweet at the end. So, I highly recommend using cornstarch because it's flavorless and finer than the powdered sugar.

Additionally, this fondant can be stored in the fridge for two weeks, so you have lots of fondants you can use on your next baking session.

Source: easybaked.net
One Easy Way To Make Homemade Fondant
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