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One Easy Way To Make The Most Delicious Yellow Cupcakes

There are plenty of boxed cake mixes for yellow cupcakes. While that is the easiest way to make yellow cupcakes, there's still something special about homemade baking. Homemade baking means you make the recipe from scratch. I love recipes from scratch because I know what's going in my batter and I need not worry about it being too sweet. Plus, why will you choose a boxed cake mix when you find a recipe from scratch the best one?

These delicious yellow cupcakes are the perfect party dessert for you! The cupcakes are moist, soft, and flavorful. I love the abundance of the butter flavor in these cupcakes. These cupcakes are also a bit crumbly, which is what yellow cupcakes are known for. You can top these cupcakes with any frosting you'd like, but if you love chocolate, I suggest making this frosting instead. This sticky chocolate frosting tastes exactly like chocolate fudge. And to be honest, I would eat this frosting straight out of the bowl!

Source: whatmegansmaking.com
One Easy Way To Make The Most Delicious Yellow Cupcakes
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