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One Easy Way To Make Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Sometimes, simple is just as sweet as the other desserts. By sweet, I don't only mean the taste of the cupcakes, but also how sweet it looks. Look at these cupcakes! Aren't they so sweet in the eyes! It's a simple Valentine's Day dessert, but it's screaming so much love! Lucky you because you can finally make this at home!

Although made with a cake mix, these cupcakes are extraordinary. Aside from following the cake mix instructions, add in sour cream and vegetable oil, making them moist and slightly crumbly. Then, they are topped with a simple but sweet buttercream frosting. Finally, top each cupcake with your favorite Valentine's Day topping. Heart, red sprinkles, heart toppers are perfect options, but if you can find these heart statement candies, much better!

Source: bakerella.com
One Easy Way To Make Valentine’s Day Cupcakes
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