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One Easy Way To Make Vanilla Cupcakes

Honestly, vanilla cupcakes are not complicated. It's a very basic dessert that almost every baker has mastered already. I've baked plenty of vanilla cupcakes, and they are all delicious. But I've been looking for a vanilla cupcake that has a more buttery flavor and more dense than usual. Luckily, this recipe saved my day!

These vanilla cupcakes are the most delicious cupcakes I've ever made! They are so easy to make, people will think it's from a fancy bakery! The cupcake batter has a bit more flour than usual to give them a buttery, pound-cake-like texture. The frosting is actually the star of this dessert! Instead of just the usual buttercream frosting with butter and powdered sugar, you will then add sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream for an added sweetness. Finally, top each cupcake with any kind of toppings you'd like!

Source: leitesculinaria.com
One Easy Way To Make Vanilla Cupcakes
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