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Relive Your Childhood Memories With These Cupcakes

What's your favorite childhood snack? I've always had Twinkies in my lunch box. One of my favorites! I can still remember every single kid in my school has it as well. But as I grow up, Twinkies don't taste the same anymore. Maybe because I grew up and my taste bud changed. Luckily, I've found an easy and simple Twinkie inspired cupcakes.

I hate to say this, but these cupcakes are even better than the actual Twinkies. Start with vanilla cupcakes as the base. They have a good butter and vanilla flavor, and a tight but soft crumb. Then, they are filled with a delicious vanilla bean buttercream. Although real Twinkies don't have any frosting, these cupcakes are topped with more vanilla bean buttercream to ensure there is cream filling in every bite. Just like an actual Twinkie.

Not only that these are a perfect afternoon snack, but they would also make a perfect party dessert!

Source: bakingbites.com
Relive Your Childhood Memories With These Cupcakes
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